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Certified CMS Local Solution


PCI's BillMINDEREP is an Ontario MD "Vs 2 Certified Local Solution Provider". This means that our integrated CMS Solution was "approved as meeting specified security, technology and functionality standards for managing electronic medical records and practice management information"1 as defined by the MOHLTC. Our fully integrated CMS solution, comprised of PCI's BillMINDER EP PMS software and Purkinje's Dossier EMR* software made up our Certified Local Solution.


Primary Care service providers qualifying for the Primary Care IT Funding Plan - Essential financial support designed to assist eligible primary care physicians to acquire IT can now have valuable financial assistance in acquiring and setting up their systems.2


Our integrated modules include:


Appointment Booking


Clinical Notes

Lab Link (CMS, MDS, GDML)

Presciption Writing

And more.


For more information please call:


Nick Francis

1-888-462-4392 ex. 28


* Discontinued




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